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Easy Animator Pro is a app that specializes in creating animations in MP4, MOV (Quicktime with transparency), GIF and SWF formats quickly and easily. Easy Animator gives you millions of different animation possibilities. You can import SVG images, SWF images or animations, and/or PNG images. You can animate them individually or combine images and animate each image independently. For SVG Images there's even a cool Break Apart feature that lets you break apart the image into pieces so you can animate the pieces of the image independently.

Easy Animator Pro is available via a lifetime upgrade membership program that also include free tutorials, and monthly new free AniBits–animation templates in SVG format. As of the time of this post, Easy Animator has been updated over a dozen times (approximately once a month).

One benefit of Easy Animator is that it's not only super easy to create animations, but the animation render/save times are extremely fast. Plug-ins with similar animation capabilities are available for programs like Final Cut Pro and After Effects, but those plug-ins cost upward of 5X as much as Easy Animator Pro and their render times are as much as 20X the time it takes Easy Animator to save/render it's animations.

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